tips and advice on how to communicate to your patients

Patient communication

Re-engage guide and example letters

Supportive guide to enable you to re-engage with your patients who have cancelled their plan membership.

Everyday at 2:00 pm, free 30 min session - friendly, strategic support. 

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Consultancy session

with Barker PR

An oldie but a goodie, chance to listen in and understand why your practice should be using social media.

A template to support your communication with patients.

Useful and proactive advice when it comes to chatting your patients about their plan membership.

An example template letter to use when communicating the rescheduling of appointments.

Things you could consider when you want to grow your practice to maximise its value. In particular the patient experience, and utilising technology.

Online marketing in a new world

Mark Oborn shares his tips on what is likely to change when it comes to marketing to your patients.

Reopening communication to your patients

Downloads of example reopening communication to your patients. 

Smile Magazines - FREE patient

touch points

It's an important time for you to keep in touch with your patients, so with this in mind here are four great smile magazine issues which you can download and share with your patients as you see fit.

Example patient journey

Castle Way Dental Care share their new patient journey.

The Revised Patient Journey & The New Hygiene Appointment

Two really useful infographics you can utilise in patient communications.

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